Recommended Insurance Coverage

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Water and wastewater damage can be devastating and costly — especially if insurance does not cover that damage.

When a wastewater backup causes damage to personal property, the City’s insurance carrier historically has denied claims unless the city was found to be negligent. This has been rare.

To be protected, property owners and renters should include wastewater backup insurance in their policies (this is not an automatic provision – you should ask for it). In addition, ask for protection in case of water damage from internal water backups and exterior sources (such as water main breaks). These additions can be purchased for as little as a few dollars a month on average. For information on this added protection, contact your insurance carrier.

Property owners are responsible for all wastewater service from the wastewater main (including the tap) to the building, and water service from the meter to the building. The City is aware that Dominion Energy Solutions, Inc., a service of Dominion Energy, offers its customers a number of home warranty services, including water line replacement and wastewater line repair, for a monthly fee.