Frequently Asked Questions About The Real Estate Assessment Process In The City of Fairfax

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  • What is the legal authority to assess real estate?

  • Why did I receive a notice of assessment change?

  • What is the assessment ratio in the City of Fairfax?

  • How are fluctuations in the real estate market reflected in my assessment?

  • What effect does the economy have on my assessment?

  • How is real estate appraised?

  • How does the percentage of my assessment change compare to that of others?

  • Why is the change in my assessment different than the percentage published in the local newspapers for properties in my area?

  • Why do some properties increase more than other properties?

  • How will I know if my assessment is correct? How do I find sales utilized to determine my January 1 assessment?

  • What is a Valid Sale and where is this information available?

  • How can a property be assessed for more than its purchase price?

  • What effect do foreclosures have on assessments?

  • How can I appeal my assessment?

  • What is the BOE?

  • My property record on the City’s web site shows incorrect data. How can this be corrected?

  • What is the current tax rate?

  • What was the tax rate last year?

  • How do I obtain a copy of my deed or Certificate of Satisfaction?