Where do I put my City Decal?

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 Enforcement for new 2019-20 decals starts 11/16/2019

 New decal position

Please note that the city inspection sticker goes on the inside of the vehicle and is placed to the right of the state inspection sticker while looking at the windshield from inside the vehicle. 

If your inspection sticker has not been moved to the driver's side and you will be getting your car inspected prior to November 16, 2019, we suggest that you save the decal and put it on once the new state inspection sticker has been put on.

If your inspection won't happen until after November 16, 2019, you have two options:

  • Place the city decal in the usual space in the middle of the vehicle to the right of the current state inspection sticker;
    • when the car is inspected peel the city decal off and place to the right of the state inspection sticker now on the drivers side
      • If the sticker won't come off in one piece or will not re-adhere to the window, come back into our offices for a reprint once the state inspection sticker is moved; or
  • Leave enough space on the driver's side to allow for the state inspection sticker that will be coming and place the city decal where it would be to the right of that space