Absentee Voting

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Voters who are unable to vote at their polling place on Election Day may absentee vote in person or by mail. You may apply for a by-mail ballot up to 12 months prior to the election in which you wish to vote. You must complete an application and provide one of the eligible reasons why you are unable to vote in your precinct. For a full list of eligible reasons and complete information regarding eligibility for absentee voting, please visit the  Virginia Department of Elections websiteIn Virginia, ALL absentee ballots are counted on Election Day.

If, instead of returning your voted ballot, you decide to go to the polls on Election Day, you must take you ballot with you or you will be required to vote a provisional ballot. 

By Mail 

How can I get a ballot mailed to me?

  • You may apply online using your DMV customer number or,
  • Complete, sign, and mail, fax, or email an Absentee Ballot Application Form
  • The deadline to apply for an absentee ballot to be mailed to you is 5 p.m., 7 days before any election

How do I return my  Ballot?

  • Ballots may be mailed to the address listed below
  • Ballots may be hand delivered only by the voter to the address listed below.
  • Ballots must be received before the polls close on Election Day at 7 p.m. in order to be counted

Where is my Ballot?

Check your mailed absentee ballot status using the Ballot Scout Tracking Tool

  • Enter your name and ballot mailing address.
  • Select the button to receive updates on your status via email or text message. 

You can also use the Virginia Department of Election's Absentee Voter Lookup Tool

  • Enter your locality
  • Complete the information in the form

Annual Application

If you have an on going illness or disability that prevents you from voting at you polling location, you may apply for an absentee application once per year instead of before each election. 

  • Download the Annual Application
  • Complete the application following the instructions carefully
  • Sign the application
  • If this is your first annual application, you must also have a medical professional or religious practitioner sign the form 
  • Complete, sign, and mail, fax, or email the application
  • Please contact our office at the number below for assistance in completing the application