Electoral Board

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Electoral Board members are selected by the local political parties and appointed by the Circuit Court to staggered three year terms. The party of the Governor selects two of the three appointments.

Each Electoral Board member is then a political party representative to ensure elections are conducted in a fair and transparent manner. The Electoral Board, by majority vote appoints a General Registrar/Director of Elections to a term of four years. The General Registrar/Director of Elections is responsible for voter registration, campaign finance compliance and absentee voting. The Electoral Board delegates election management to the General Registrar concurrent with General Registrar’s appointment. It is the duty of the Electoral Board to ensure elections comply with the law.

You may contact Electoral Board members individually or as a group using the emails below. You may also contact the Office of Elections by email or phone at 703-385-7891.

City of Fairfax Electoral Board

Lorraine Koury, Vice Chair

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