How To Vote

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  1. Voters show a valid form of photo ID and provide their name and current address to an Election Officer.
  2. The Election Officer verifies the photo ID is valid, repeats the voter's name and address out loud, checks the voter's name off the poll book & gives the voter a voting permit.
  3. The voter proceeds to the ballot table, gives the voting permit to the Ballot Officer in exchange for a paper ballot.
  4. The voter will mark their paper ballot in the privacy booth with the pen provided.
  5. The voter proceeds to the scanner (OVO) & inserts the ballot.
  6. Voter receives an "I Voted" sticker & the process is complete.

What Identification Do I need?

How do I find my polling place?

What voting equipment will I use?

     The City of Fairfax uses Unisyn OpenElect voting systems.  Unisyn OpenElect voting systems were selected as the most accurate and durable paper based voting system available in Virginia.

     On Election Day every precinct will be equipped with an OpenElect Voting Optical scanning and tabulating voting device (OVO).  For voters with vision challenges and other disabilities, each precinct will also have an OpenElect Voting Interface ballot marking device (OVI)  to assist voters to vote independently and privately.

OVO PictureOVI Picture

                Scanning Machine (OVO)                            ADA Ballot Marking Device (OVI)


What if I cannot go to my polling place on Election Day?

     In-person and by-mail absentee voting is available to anyone who can not be in there polling place on Election Day. Find out more about Absentee Voting.


The Voting Process:

Watch this short video to learn how the voting process works on Election Day.


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