How To Vote

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Voting in your Precinct

1. Get your paper ballot

  • Show a valid form of ID and provide your name and address to an Election Officer, who will verify your ID and repeat your full name to check you in on the poll book and issue you a ballot.

2. Mark your ballot

  • Mark your ballot in the privacy booth with the pen provided or with your own (no gel pens, please). Make sure to fill in your choice completely.

3. Scan your ballot

  • Insert your ballot into the machine

What Identification Do I need?

Where is my polling place?

What voting equipment will I use?

The City of Fairfax uses Unisyn OpenElect voting systems.

On Election Day, every precinct will be equipped with an OpenElect Voting Optical scanning and tabulating voting device (OVO). For accessibility, each precinct will also have an OpenElect Voting Interface ballot marking device (OVI) for voters who may be unable to mark their paper ballot by pen to have an alternative method to mark their ballot.

OVO Picture   OVI Picture

ADA Ballot Marking Device (OVI)

Scanning Machine (OVO)


What if I cannot or do not wish to go to my polling place on Election Day?

By-mail and in-person absentee voting is available to anyone who prefers to vote that way instead of voting in their precinct on Election Day. Find out more about absentee voting.

The Voting Process

Watch this short video to learn how the voting process works on Election Day.

Note: as of July 1, 2020, ID presented when voting no longer needs to be a photo ID, but does need to be an acceptable ID. Click here for a list of acceptable IDs.


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