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Complete the Online Election Officer Application


  • You are registered to vote in Virginia
  • You have good customer service skills, enjoy meeting new people and serving the public
  • You are able to take direction and are not easily distracted
  • You do not hold elected office or are not an employee or deputy of an elected official
  • You must be available to work 14+ hours on Election Day (4:45 a.m.-9 p.m.)
  • You must be willing to swear an oath to uphold the Constitutions of the United States and Virginia


  • Arrive at the polling place at 4:45 a.m. on Election Day
  • Set up voting equipment and signs
  • Process voters, issue paper ballots, and operate voting equipment
  • Tally results, secure machines, and close the polling place


  • Training is mandatory and usually lasts 2-3 hours
  • New Officer training is typically available
  • Supplemental online training is available
  • Extra training is available on an "as needed" basis


  • Chief Officer:                           $200
  • Deputy Chief Officer:               $170
  • Procedural Specialist:              $170
  • Electronic Pollbook Specialist:   $150
  • Regular Election Officer:           $150

Central Absentee Officers

  • Check names of voters on lists of absentee applicants
  • Record pollbook and voting machine counts
  • Tally results, secure machines, and close polling place

Election Schedule

  • General Elections are held each year on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November
  • Primary Elections, if held, are usually scheduled for the second Tuesday in June
  • Special Elections are scheduled as necessary
  • City Elections are held on the first Tuesday in May on even number years

Polling Place Assignments

  • When possible, Officers are assigned to their polling place
  • If no vacancies are available there, you may be assigned to a nearby polling place
  • You may also be asked to work the Central Absentee Precinct (CAP)

Complete the Online Election Officer Application 

For additional information, contact the General Registrar's Office at (703) 385-7890 or email.


Election Pages 

The City of Fairfax originated the Election Page Program in 1999 to provide opportunities for high school students to serve in the polls during elections. The object is to stimulate interest of the students in elections and registering to vote, to provide assistance to the Officers of Election staffing the polling stations and to assist elderly and disabled voters to safely enter and depart from the polls. Interested students should speak with their high school government instructors to enroll in this program. For additional information, contact the General Registrar's Office at 703.385.7890 or email. For more information and an application Click Here.