Online Payments

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You are paying a bill to the City of Fairfax (not Fairfax County). If your bill does not have the City of Fairfax printed on it, you are on the wrong website.

 Online Tax and MVLT (Decal) Payments

The City of Fairfax has teamed with a third-party vendor to offer online tax payments.  After you choose the tax bill(s) that you wish to pay, you will be offered multiple ways to pay those taxes. 

 Please click on one of the taxes below to pay that particular tax:  You will be asked to choose your method of payment after you have chosen which bill(s) you wish to pay.

Personal Property/MVLT and Real Estate


 Payment Options available

eCheck provides quick and easy electronic transfer of funds from your existing bank account for payment.  You tell us your bank account number, bank routing number, and amount, and we handle the transfer electronically.  A $1.50 fee is charged for this method.  You are given a confirmation of your payment and all information is electronically secured.

Credit cards are another payment option we offer.  We can accept American Express, Visa, Master Card, and Discover cards for all personal property, MVLT, and real property tax payments.  A convenience fee is charged for the use of credit cards.  (The convenience fee is not charged by or paid to the City of Fairfax.)

PayPal is a payment option being offered if you have an existing PayPal account.  A convenience fee is charged for the use of PayPal.  (The convenience fee is not charged by or paid to the City of Fairfax.)

Debit and Forget it is a Real Estate only pre-payment ACH (Debit) option being offered.  You can set the payments up on based on your schedule (weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually).  A $1.50 fee is charged per ACH.  See the Debit and Forget It page for more details.