Small Area Plans

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Activity Centers

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Small Area Plans are neighborhood-level plans intended to provide the City with guidance on each of its five Activity Centers defined in the 2035 Comprehensive Plan. While the Comprehensive Plan advises the Activity Center’s development at a high level, Small Area Plans provide more specific guidance for each Activity Center, including the desired mix of uses, residential density, building density, design aesthetic, street locations, multimodal connections infrastructure improvements, parking, and open space. As each Small Area Plan is completed and adopted, its recommendations will supersede the pre-existing guidance in the 2035 Comprehensive Plan for its respective Activity Center.

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In-Progress Small Area Plans (Old Town Fairfax and Northfax)

Community Meetings
Date Location Presentation
September 11, 2019 Sherwood Center Presentation
Background Documents


Upcoming Small Area Plans

  • Fairfax Circle
  • Kamp Washington
  • Pickett & Main